001 | 365 New challenges

For some time I have considered changing my work and personal circumstances but not felt brave enough or had the confidence to move forward.

For a number of years I’ve felt that I have lost my sense of self and have been in a holding pattern. In an attempt to change this, I have been searching for inspiration to guide me in a new direction. After certain events over the last six months I am now beginning to see the light ahead. I feel that I am now at the start of new and exciting ad/ventures. The spark that had left my spirit has now returned and is burning brighter every day.

While there will always be life events that test us, I have set my own challenges and feel that I am steering myself in the direction I want to head rather than being driven by things that are out of my control. What I have found so far is that, in directing my own life course, opportunities have appeared before me just as I need them. (Is this chance?)

Morale at work was at a low for a number of my colleagues, not just me. Even some of my friends and family were feeling miserable about their circumstances. Living with being unhappy with my circumstances and with no confidence in my abilities or worth wasn’t getting me anywhere and may have been contributing to my surroundings and visa versa. That isn’t a healthy environment.

The first step was to challenge my thoughts and attitude and turn them around to see if I could talk myself into being happy. I began with affirmations to see if this would change my attitude and experience at work and whether it would have an affect on those around me. My first was to say how I wanted to feel, but in the present tense, and to share that with my friends and work colleagues. I continued to repeat to myself that I was confident, extremely capable in my job, and well respected by my colleagues and things started changing.  People noticed a difference in the way I looked. It didn’t happen overnight though. It took ongoing practice and support, which I may expand on another time.

One big challenge I have set upon is starting my own business, Fresh Ginger Consulting to provide marketing communications, brand and change management services. The business is ready to go at full pace from September but first a much needed holiday.

This blog is another of the challenge’s I have set myself, to blog about something that has inspired me each day for the next 365 days. And now I’ve posted the first one, the challenge is on!

There are other challenges I have set for myself, all in the aim of building on that spark in my spirit. Others are already noticing the positive change this is having on me, and it feels great.

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