002 | 365 First impressions

San Francisco

With very little sleep, sore ears and a dodgy belly, I spent my first day on “vacation” in San Francisco.

After a quick shower to freshen up (although hesitated due to my vertigo making me a little unstable on my feet), I tried the shabu shabu in Mum’s Restaurant downstairs. That was something that is best shared with two or more as their is so much food you get but prepared just for me due to the kindness of the waitress.

Shabu Shabu means swishing in water I am told. I got a big plate of thinly sliced beef, a large plate filled with asian greens, a couple of types of mushrooms, tofu, two types of noodles, bowl of rice, two different sauces with minced radish and spring onions to mix into it to give texture, and a large bowl of boiling water. You cook as you eat, swishing the food through the water quickly to cook it. Would have been fun to share and take more time to eat but it was very tasty and I needed something like this in my stomach after nearly hours of flight food.

Then I caught a trolley bus to Union Square to visit the info centre as I was told I should get a bus pass. When they asked what kind of pass I was clueless so wandered around the shopping precinct for a few hours. That time wandering aimlessly looking at lovely clothes I wanted helped clear my brain so I could work out what bus pass I needed to purchase. Then time for a evening walk and dinner, something light. I head through Japantown to Fillmore Street. In Japantown and Fillmore Street the choices are abundant and all brimming with customers.

I end up at the Grove on Fillmore. A great little restaurant with a fire going, shared tables, rustic Mexican influenced decor.  Everyone is young and beautiful. Quite a number of people with apple laptops – most on their own. The shared table I’m at even had five power points. My food comes in a thick wooden bowl, it’s a Chinese chicken salad – its deliciously fresh and tasty. In the background Mrs Robinson is playing. Later, Leonard Cohen’s Bird on a Wire. Great atmosphere, great food and great service.

My first impression:

  • My accommodation, not far from Fillmore Street, is fabulous.
  • Some people seem to have difficulty understanding me/my accent.
  • People wanting to speak with me everywhere – I remind them of someone they know or of a client of theirs.
  • San Franciscans so far seem very relaxed, beautiful and nice.
  • I feel very much at home.

Why am I staying only 5 short days?

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