004 | 365 A city with a lot of heart and soul

Union Square heart - Tony Bennett

This city not only has a wonderful soul, it has a very big, warm, kind heart and it’s beat moves me.

Over the last few days in San Francisco, I have learnt a lot.

San Francisco was a very small town until some guy, who had bought up all the shovels and picks across America along with a bit of gold dust, announced San Francisco as having gold. He opened a hardware shop and made lots of money. He is now known as the person that influenced the growth of the town to a city.

The 1906 earthquake and subsequent fires were significant in changing the landscape, amenities, architecture and community. It brought the people together as a solid community. They identified with the people of Japan after the earthquake and Tsunami and are still strongly supporting them. Across from where I am staying in Japantown, is a peace memorial. On the anniversary of the Tsunami they had thousands of people come in respect and to raise more funds for the homeless there.

If it’s not harming anyone or anything (animal, vegetable or mineral), break the rules – you never know what abundance it might bring.

Don’t tell a San Franciscan that they can’t do something. They will set out to prove to you they can and do well from it.

Don’t mess with a cable car driver. If he tells you to move, move. Ask afterwards if you want to know why.

Don’t mess with any San Franciscan’s rights, even if they are not born and bred here. They will protest!  It’s known for being the liberal activism and led the way with the Summer of Love (an event held in the 60s of free food, free drugs, free love and a free medical clinic within the Golden Gate Park) and gay rights movements.

A number of movies were made/filmed here. And I understand why Hitchcock made Vertigo here. I have been suffering from it since I arrived. Going up and down these hills, even walking, makes me giddy.

It’s not only human rights San Franciscans care about, it’s also all animals, and the environment, the ecology of the world.

It’s a city full of name-dropping. Otis Redding wrote Dock of the Bay in Sausalito, I left my heart in San Francisco sung by Tony Bennett (who has painted heart sculptures that are throughout the city), Full House was set in one of the houses a “Painted Sister”) on Alamo Park, and the list goes on.

On the Left of San Francisco is Silicon Park, where the first computers were developed, to the North is Napa Valley where the vineyards are, in the West side of the city is where you still find pre-quake buildings, Little Italy, Chinatown, Afro-American town and Japantown, and in the East of the city is the new part of town, post quake as there was water there prior to that time.

I saw the first person here wearing a business suit this afternoon, with three others directly behind him. Other than that, I haven’t seen anyone dressed in corporate attire. No wonder I love it here. Not that I don’t like business dress, I just feel more comfortable without it. I can’t see the need or the point. We might as well all dress in blue, with blue body paint on.

It is a city for creative people, writers, musicians, artists, scientists (yes they are creative), chefs, business people and the list could go on.

The beauty, energy and spirit of this place blows me away. I’ve always wanted to come here and it will be hard to leave.

Only a day and a half left. New York has a lot to live up to.


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