006 | 365 Giving-in to jetlag: it’s not so bad

Hotel TomoThe Gershwin Hotel

Last night I couldn’t sleep, I wasn’t tired until nearly 3am. Then I slept, really, really well.

I don’t remember the alarms going off (bedside alarm and phone) but luckily I had very noisy neighbors this morning. Their slamming of doors and very loud talking (there was about six of them talking what sounded like Spanish) made me wake with a start. I went out in my PJs to see if everything was okay. With all that noise I thought that perhaps there was some kind of emergency.

As I opened the door and asked if all was ok, they took one look at me and all gasped apologies immediately. There was not a peep of noise after that. I must have looked a sight as my eyes were barely open, braless in my red tank top, ginger hair sticking up in the air. Had it not been for them I might have slept all day long and completely missed saying one last farwell to lovely San Francisco.

My plans to spend my last day in San Francisco were decided for me due to the sleep-in. Instead of biking around Golden Gate Park (weather wasn’t the best for that anyway),  or going to the Palace of Fine Arts (would’ve been perfect morning for it), I wandered around my SF neighbourhood, Japantown and Fillmore Street. This began with a big cup of soy latte, freshly squeezed orange juice and a sour cherry pie for brunch at the Grove – my local favourite. Then looking in nearby shops and finding something I had been wanting for a while, what luck. I must admit that I felt too groggy to be doing anything else so perfect morning.

Then since 1pm San Francisco time until now nearly 1am New York time I have been travelling. The flight is just about to land.

Very excited about New York and the new things to see and explore…

Now here, it’s 3am and should sleep. I think I’m struggling with not being on Adelaide time. But I have 2 lovely weeks to get over that. For those at home, it’s a lovely warm night here 🙂

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