007 | 365 Transformation in a day

New York City from Brooklyn Bridge

My first day in the Big Apple has made me happy.

This morning was a difficult one to begin with. I was overwhelmed and a little scared of the city waiting for me outside the hotel. Being very jetlagged didn’t help. It has hit me quite hard today and should be asleep now so this note won’t be long.

I pushed myself down to the lobby to fix some things up with the booking here for next week and for a much needed coffee. I sat down with my large round mug of yummy soy latte from the Birch Café and started looking at the tourist map to get my bearings for the day and to work out which way I would head.

I couldn’t read the map. My eyes couldn’t focus. I realized that I was holding the map very close to my face and, feeling stupid and tired, started to cry. I wiped the tears away, finished my coffee and went upstairs to get my act together.

It didn’t take long and I went out into the street and headed to find a tourist information centre in Times Square. I brightened up immediately.

I knew that once I had made a plan and started to organize my day and my plans for the next few days order would prevail.

The last project I worked on when I was with SA Health was a Be Active campaign, Walk Yourself Happy. My friends in Adelaide should have been seeing the ads for this over the last week. Well today I walked myself happy!

There has been plenty that has made me laugh and smile today, once I started to experience the city that is.

Now time for catching up with more sleeping time. zzzzzzzzz

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