008 | 365 Humour and the tour guide

Tour Guide citing literature as we cross Brooklyn Bridge

Over the past week I have taken a number of bus tours, first around San Francisco and now around New York.

What I have noticed is that they all have a good sense of humour and it is added into their commentary as if they are stating facts. Sometimes, I think it is their way of checking to see if anyone is listening to them.

A special treat on the night tour of New York and Brooklyn, the tour guide even cited from famous literature. It was beautiful. I was struggling with jetlag so unfortunately I can’t remember the works he quoted but I might remember with some help. In the photo above, this same tour guide is citing from a piece of literature as we cross the bridge about the Statue of Liberty and what it meant for those who entered America here.

I had the seat next to that tour guide so he was able to hear at least me laughing at his jokes. For example: we went past the library and he was talking about the history of the two lion statues sitting each side of the stairs leading up to it. Within this commentary he added that people sitting on the steps always get asked “Are you trying to read between the lions?”. It’s the kind of joke that my brother Peter would make.

They are very good at what they do. It must be so tiring talking all day long and going around and around the same route all day week in and week out. But what they have all shown is a passion for their city, even if they are not born and bred there.

The tour guides not only tell you about the history of buildings and the town, they also tell you about the community spirit. How residents have influenced change, or how visitors have brought something new to their city.

I wonder what they talk about when they get home from work?


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