012 | 365 Falling in love again

I was in love

You couldn’t find New York City boring. You can however fall in love with it. It’s not the same as San Francisco, which is still in my heart, but at every turn you find something different, something surprising, something beautiful (even if it might be in it’s own way at times).

I started my day slow. A nice sleep in, but not too late, before going to Birch Café to enjoy a bowl of fruit (you will never get a more delicious bowl than what they serve here), a fresh croissant and a large soy latte. It’s a good breakfast to have before setting out to explore NYC on foot.

I start with a walk to the Gray Line bus office to book a ticket for a day trip to Boston. As I need to be at the pickup spot at 6.45am tomorrow, I decide that it might be wise to find that pickup spot and then walk back to the hotel to time how long it will take me. The pickup spot is just near Grand Central Station so I explore that big beautiful place first.

I find the pickup spot then set off to walk back to the hotel down Park Avenue with a turn off to walk past the Empire State Building. It is so beautiful, day and night. There are very few people here today, in fact no queue. There are people going up though. I’m not sure if the events from the day before has put people off going or not (a shooting outside). There has been shootings in my home town and this has not stopped people from going there so I’m not going to let that bother me. If it’s going to happen, it will happen and I can’t stop doing things just because of something that might or might not happen.

I get to the hotel (25 minutes walk from bus pick up, with distractions and stopping at every walk light), I’m hot and sweaty so decide to get a coffee and a big bottle of water before heading off again.

After I have cooled down a little, I head to Union Square. Their regular produce market is on. It’s fabulous. If only this was my home, this is where I would shop. There is no fridge or cooking facilities where I am staying so I just admire and then sit for a while in the park and work out my next destination and roads I will take to Washington Square.

On my way I find a fabulous bookstore, The Strand. I love it. In this shop there are new books, old books, rare books you name it and over three floors. I make note to return.

This isn’t the only shop that stands out. There are so many fabulous places. My friend Naomi arrives tomorrow night and I think I need to save a journey back down this way for when she is with me.

I also look in a realtor’s window at some apartments for sale and for lease. I’d love to buy one. They look gorgeous.

Then I get to Washington Square. Well, I love it! There is so much going on. It’s like it’s having its own festival. There is something happening all across the park and it is beautiful. It has also cooled a little with a breeze so sitting to savour what is going on around me is a joy.

Then I get to the other end of the square and there is another market. This time not only food. I find a couple of treasures to take home with me and then set off back to the hotel as they begin to pack up their stalls.

I walk a different way home and find more lovely shops in a fairly quiet area. This is where tourist buses and sounding car horns is not allowed. The streets are also narrower and have an old-world feel, almost like London. Another place to return to with Naomi.

For now, I must get to bed early ready for my long day ahead traveling and walking Boston. It’s a four hour journey each way and five hours in the city walking the Freedom Trail and a stop at Cheers of course.

I’m looking forward to savouring more of NYC on my return tomorrow night, this time with a friend. I can’t wait!

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