015 | 365 It only takes one person

The High Line

Every person has the power to start a revolution.

If there is something, no matter what, that you can see making a difference, do something about it. No idea is too small to be considered.

In San Francisco there were many examples (see A City with a lot of heart and soul), of how people have made significant changes in the community by standing up for what they believe in and fighting for what they feel is a better solution. This is the same in New York City.

For example, today I spent a lovely few hours walking along the High Line. This walkway used to be railway tracks that took meat from the abattoirs to the meat-packing district. The railway had not been used since 1980 and was set for demolition. In 1999, two residents thought that this part of New York history should be preserved in some way so they set up the Friends of the High Line to advocate for the preservation of the railway. In 2002 the City of New York committed to transforming the High Line into a unique park. This park was opened in 2009 and is still being extended on.

Buildings, art installations and businesses are being built or transformed through the influence of this unique park. It is enjoyed by locals and by visitors. With the roar of the city in the background, there is some tranquillity on the park while at the same time you can view the contrasts of the old and the new of the city. This park is creating new vibrancy in areas that were run-down and adding extra life into the already creative areas like Chelsea.

It’s great having an idea but if that idea isn’t put into action it is just that, an idea. To generate change, action is required. It doesn’t have to be a huge task or be undertaken on your own. If you think something is worth doing, get people on board who agree with you, who are influential and see how you can be part of something new.

Imagining what could be and resolving to do something to make a difference only takes one small step. The rewards for all come in abundance.

To all those people that act upon their ideas, I thank you.

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