017 | 365 I’m attached to a map that made me cry

After almost two weeks, I still have the map that gave me grief on my first day in New York City. Suffering with jet lag, this map that made me cry when I first set eyes on it (see Transformation in a day).

I can’t go anywhere without this map. I have others but this is the one I refer to all the time. I thought I had lost it one day and panicked.

I have others but I want this one.

It is about to fall to pieces. I could get another the same. It won’t be this one so I don’t.

It is a two sided map. Midtown, Downtown and Financial Districts on one side and Uptown (where Central Park resides) and Harlem on the other side.

Three more days is all I will need it for. It is the best and most trustworthy map.

I depend on it. It hasn’t failed me so far.Ā I can’t leave without it.

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