026 | 365 Remedy for post holiday blues

It’s Sunday morning and I wake with the post holiday blues. Why, when the sun is shining outside?

I can’t get enthusiastic about getting out of bed. I do however, to make breakfast then take it back to bed with me.

I read one of the books I bought at The Strand bookstore in New York, Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. It’s set in New York.

I doze on and off for most of the morning.

By 11am I make a decision. If it had been wet outside this decision would have been different, I would have remained in bed.

I shower and prepare for doing something, getting out of the house.

I ring and text friends to see who is interested in catching up but no luck today. They’ve made other plans already, as you would.

I grab my laptop and decide that I need to find a place in the sun, get a coffee and write about my holiday. Get it out of my system.

I go to Cibo in Hutt Street, get a soy latte grande and a cup cake and head upstairs to the balcony where it is quiet and sunny.

I am cured. No more blues.

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