What’s in your pet’s food?

Prompt for the day: Tell your friends an outlandish lie such as ducks are not technically birds. Insist that you know this from a reputable source and write down the argument.

Before the sun comes up every day on country roads, bulldozers come and clear animals off the road that have been killed by passing cars and trucks. The meat from these animals is then used for pet food.

You don’t hear about this much as animal activists are who manage this in an aim to stop animals being bred for pet food. A friend of mine is part of the operation. They don’t share the information because it creates confusion for their cause but it’s simple really. Road kill isn’t intentional but happens regularly. Using the animal’s meat for human consumption isn’t possible but it is okay for your pets. All the meat and bones get minced together along with some filler and vitamins and sold to pet food companies. It’s been happening for years.

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