Mmm baby

Prompt: Write you earliest childhood memory and create a fiction where this is incredibly significant to your adult life.

It’s 1979 and the television is on. I wasn’t watching it as one of my brothers was watching something that I wasn’t interested in. I can’t remember exactly what I was doing but suddenly I heard music from the TV that I had an immediate dislike for it. “I hate that music, what is it?” I asked. “It’s an ad for Coronation Street, an English drama series that’s coming back to Australia.” The dislike I had for this music was intense so I ask them to turn off the ad or turn it over, “I really can’t stand it!”

Mum hears this saying “That’s interesting, I would watch that when I was home with you after you were born and you would scream the whole way through it”.

Now in 2014 I think how this has had an impact on where I am today, a Professor in the New South Wales Child Behaviour Centre. My research into child and family mental health started from an interest in how, at only a few months of age, the sounds from a television show could have stayed with me for so long and have such a intense affect. Our surroundings from birth, hold such importance to how we deal with situations as adults. Sounds, tastes and smells are really strong triggers for our memory, both good and bad.

Another early childhood memory is of the first time I ate my own food without help. It was from a small glass jar of baby food. The feeling of being independent along with eating something very tasty makes me want to go mmm and bounce with happiness. I do that now when I eat something that gives me delight. I often wonder if I was doing this on my first solo feed.

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