My name is Annette Rohde. I am a visual communications, branding and change strategist with a passion for food, art, wellness, writing and reading. I’m also a dreamer with a plan. I live in Adelaide, South Australia and have always wanted to be a writer, amongst other things.

I hope to fulfil a lifelong dream to have written and illustrated my own book. I’m on my way to fulfilling that dream. I also want to make a difference to the world in someway, whether it starts from making a difference to someone’s life and goes from there. The first step of this started in March 2014 through conducting an intergenerational storytelling project.

My day job is working at Fresh Ginger, a marketing communications, branding and change management consultancy. As owner of Fresh Ginger Creative, my focus is visual communication, specifically graphic design, illustration and printmaking but I also love the power in photographic images. My aim is to impact community health and wellbeing utilising my strategic and visual communications skills and knowledge of health and wellness. My career interests are branding/identity, storytelling, narrative development, publication design/production and illustration, working to help local small businesses to stand out over their larger competitors, particularly small businesses in the food, hospitality, health and wellbeing industries.

2012 was the start of a year of big changes for me, for new beginnings and taking risks. My aim: to follow my heart. There are a few things on the ‘want to do’ list that I didn’t feel confident enough to try. I now am changing the ‘want to do’ list to a ‘what I’ve done’ list. For this blog, I started with I setting myself a challenge to post about things that inspire me whether it be travel, food, day to day activities or other projects.

You can find out more about me on

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