024 | 365 A great day for a massage

Today I have back to back appointments. The final one for the day is a massage with Trina Bailey. I try to have one massage each month to help reduce tension and neck pain since having problems from a neck injury.

I usually request a relaxing massage instead of a deep tissue massage. This is because, if my neck is sore, I need to relax where a deep tissue massage can leave me feeling bruised and sometimes worse off. This massage also helps clear my mind and ground me if I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Lucy smelling my headLucy, my cat, loves it when I come home from having a massage too. She loves perfumes so when I come home covered in the essential oils Trina uses, she just wants to rub against me and eat me up. In particular the oil placed on top of my head.

The first time Lucy reacted like this was hilarious. Lucy had wrapped her legs around mine like a small child would to a parent and was rubbing her head against me as if she was trying to get the smell to rub off on her.

You have to love a massage that gives in more ways than one. πŸ˜€

022 | 365 The love of a cat

Lucy the catThis morning I wake for the first time in three weeks in my own bed.

I have been woken by Lucy, my cat, who is giving my shoulder a massage and is purring away. Outside the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

After hugs and cuddles with my cat, I get up. Today is about doing nothing but relaxing.

My mum comes to the door shortly after breakfast on her way to an exercise class. She has forgotten a water bottle. I get one for her and send her on her way inviting her for lunch after her class.Β She is back within half an hour. She has been given the wrong details. The class doesn’t start for another six weeks and in a different location. We work out that the brochure she has been given is two years old. We decide to go and visit her sister, who invites us for lunch.

After a lovely day, again I find myself tiring early. For a night owl, it’s a strange being tired and ready for bed at an early hour.

As it has turned cold, my bed is warm and comfy and I fall asleep almost instantly. Lucy, who has been following me closely since I got home, falls asleep next to me as well.

021 | 365 There’s no place like home

Two hours until arrival in SydneyThe final two hours flying to Oz are the longest. I even get a little bit of travel sickness. The flight steward gives me some warm ginger ale to settle my stomach and then I’m ready to eat breakfast.

I need to do something to stop looking at the clock but it is great to see the beautiful colours in the sky.

After a long wait in Sydney I’m on my flight home to Adelaide. Travelling domestic in Australia is so different to the US. I feel like I am intruding on a business outing.

I have phone access for the first time in three weeks. Surprising how easy it is to do without a phone and messaging.

In Adelaide, I am greeted by my mum and brother. It’s good to see them and it looks like they are glad to see me too. I warn mum that I will most probably smell as it has been some time since I showered and was very hot and sweaty when I left New York. She lets me know that she didn’t shower before coming to get me so I wouldn’t feel so bad. Small gestures are sometimes the sweetest.

On arrival home my cat Lucy greets me at the door. She looks surprised but very pleased to see me. For the rest of the day she doesn’t stop meowing, which is unusual for her. I also get lots of her hugs, head buts, sniffs (I think these are her kisses) and licks too.

I am surprised I feel quite alert. That is until I sit down to relax in front of the television at 7pm. I think I might have seen five minutes of whatever was on and wake at 9pm freezing for the first time in three weeks.

I take myself to bed and sleep very soundly. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed after being away.