Project aim: To produce a determined (as opposed to random) sequence of printed images and text to be presented in book form – codex or accordion structure. Text may be original or found; minimum of 8 pages/sheets to establish clear narrative structure; open choice of printing techniques.

The plan:

Produce a book that someone wants to keep and loves to hold using information that will help them towards making changes in their lives.


  • Plates – lino
  • Codex – Japanese stab binding
  • Awa paper used for lino prints with gouache
  • Text on tracing paper
  • Cover Kraft paper
Prints on drying rack -1

Prints on drying rack -1

Prints on drying rack -2

Prints on drying rack -2

Prints on drying rack -3

Prints on drying rack -3








IMG_4550 IMG_4549

Sewing the binding

Sewing the binding

Japanese Stab binding in progress

Binding in progress

Book pages ready for the binding template

Book pages and template ready

Final books

Do what you love

Do what you love: a guide on how to redesign your life and follow your passion



Becca Making Faces blog: Japanese stab binding tutorial: hearts

Lino print inspiration on Pinterest :

Smith, Esther, 2007, How to make books, Random House Inc, New York

Rivers, Charlotte, 2011, Hand Made Type workshop, Thames & Hudson, London

Seddon, Tony, 2013, Draw your own fonts, Ivy Press, UK

Lupton, Ellen, 2008, Indie Publishing: How to design and produce your own book, Princeton Architectural Press, New York

Seddon, Tony & Waterhouse, Jane, 2009, Graphic design for non-designers, Chronicle Books, San Francisco

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