024 | 365 A great day for a massage

Today I have back to back appointments. The final one for the day is a massage with Trina Bailey. I try to have one massage each month to help reduce tension and neck pain since having problems from a neck injury.

I usually request a relaxing massage instead of a deep tissue massage. This is because, if my neck is sore, I need to relax where a deep tissue massage can leave me feeling bruised and sometimes worse off. This massage also helps clear my mind and ground me if I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Lucy smelling my headLucy, my cat, loves it when I come home from having a massage too. She loves perfumes so when I come home covered in the essential oils Trina uses, she just wants to rub against me and eat me up. In particular the oil placed on top of my head.

The first time Lucy reacted like this was hilarious. Lucy had wrapped her legs around mine like a small child would to a parent and was rubbing her head against me as if she was trying to get the smell to rub off on her.

You have to love a massage that gives in more ways than one. 😀